I’m Dr Carina Eriksen a Consultant Counselling Psychologist with a private practice in Harley Street and Chelsea.

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I'm a HCPC Registered and BPS Chartered Consultant Counselling Psychologist. I can help make sense of your current difficulties and the possible causes of your problems. Therapy is a collaborative relationship where we work together to help you develop effective techniques for overcoming your difficulties. Each consultation is tailor made to suit your individual characteristic, personal history and current circumstances. I have helped young people, adults and couples; successfully manage and overcome problems in their lives for more than fifteen years.



Dr. Carina is a truly amazing psychologist and person. I will never be able to thank her enough for getting me through a very difficult time in my life. I was able to speak openly and find healthy ways of coping with the loss of my wife...

Mike - Investment Banker


A*s in fear, misery and self-harm

I was quoted in a recent article in the Telegraph: Article link “I think there is pressure from the schools

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Stress is always with us, but a raft of new studies indicates that it has especial significance in today’s world.