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Based in London Dr Carina Eriksen is a Consultant Counselling Psycologist.

I have run a private practice in Central London since 2004. I have also worked in the NHS as a lead psychologist for many years managing and supervising a large team of Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors. Having worked as an external supervisor for the Priory Hospital for many years, I continue to be involved in the teaching and mentoring of other psychologists. I am a Fellow at the British Psychology Society and I serve as a board member on the BPS aviation psychology committee . In my work as a school psychologists for St Pauls Junior School for Boys, I help students, parents and staff  foster a healthy environment that enables young people and their families to grow and develop I am passionate about psychology and the positive impact it can bring to individuals, couples, families and large organisations.

I have written and co-written a number of psychology books, self-helps books and aviation psychology text books.  Having given a number of presentations, workshops and speeches at national and international conferences, I continue to be involved in communicating the benefits of psychology  to the wider public.  I truly believe therapy can make a difference and I am enthusiastic about helping change their lives.


Your first meeting is an assessment session where we can gain a really comprehensive understanding of the difficulties you are experiencing and any symptoms you may have. We work together to break down your problem looking at your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We also explore whether your current coping strategies are helping you or stopping you from making progress in your life. We can then begin to map out your difficulties and make a plan for how you can best resolve it. Treatment can take anything from a couple of session (Brief Solution Focused Therapy), to 10-12 sessions (The average number of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions) or more than 20 sessions (Longer-term support) depending on your individual circumstances.  We will discuss and devise a treatment plan towards the end of the assessment session.   

For many people it can be a relief to finally be able to share their  problem with another person. The burden of carrying the difficulties on their own can often create a sense of loneliness and shame. Talking about your problem will help you realise that you are not alone -your experience is part of human nature and shared by thousands of other people. It is what makes you human.


Dr Carina is registered with most UK and International based insurance companies including AXA PPP, Bupa International, WPA, Allianz, Aviva Healthcare, Cigna International, Pru Health and Simply Health.


‘Dr. Carina is a truly amazing psychologist and person. I will never be able to thank her enough for getting me through a very difficult time in my life. I was able to speak openly and find healthy ways of coping with the loss of my wife’. (Mike, Investment banker)

‘I had been suffering from OCD and anxiety for ten years before I met Carina. She is a sensible and down to earth person who helped me understand how I could take control of the OCD and the anxiety. She is kind, warm and a very passionate about her job. I am truly grateful’ (Lisa, Journalist)
‘My teenage daughter saw Carina for help with social issues and bullying at school. She was fantastic – both my husband and I were impressed by the way she was able to help our daughter feel confident again. She has a natural way of relating to young people and parents alike’ (Anne – mother of two teenage daughters)

‘My wife and I were recommended to Carina by close friends. She is a fantastic couple therapist and we both wish we had met Carina sooner. After four sessions we could identify unhelpful patterns of communication that had been present for most of our married life. By the twelfth session we both felt equipped with new positive ways of managing our marriage and family living. The skills we learnt in therapy are invaluable’ – Anonymous

‘I have felt depressed and hopeless for most of my adult life. My GP recommended that I see Carina for cognitive behavioural therapy. She is an extremely warm and caring therapist who helped me understand how my negative thoughts and the way I respond to situations fuelled my depression. Carina helped me develop effective skills for managing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. It changed my life’ (Dan, IT Consultant).

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