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Dr. Carina has written and co-written a number of books and has been published in the UK, Europe and the States. Her work has been published in several prestigious journals and she has contributed numerous chapters in leading psychology textbooks. Along with two other colleagues, she received an award by the British Medical Society in September 2015 for a book called ‘coping with the psychological  impact of physical illness: dealing with anxiety and depression’.

Dr Carina is actively involved in research with a specific interest in the topic of anxiety, panic, work stress, the impact of physical illness on psychological wellbeing, work – life balance, fear of flying, parenting teenagers and aviation psychology. She is often invited to speak at national and international conferences and she is available for corporate workshops and seminars for large organisations, schools and the aviation industry.

Other Publications to date include:

  • Bor, Eriksen, Oakes and Scragg (Eds) (2017) Pilot Mental Health Screening and Assessment by Ashgate Publications
  • Bor, Eriksen, Oakes and Scragg (in press) Pathology and Disorders in Harris (Ed) Personality and the Flight Deck by Elsevier PublicationsBor, Eriksen and Oakes(2016) Pilot Selection and Training in Gradwell and Rainford (Ed) Ernsting’s Aviation and Space Medicine Fifth Edition by Taylor and Francis Group
  • Bor, Eriksen and Oakes (2014) Aviation Psychology in Zuckerman (Ed) Principles and Practice of Travel Medicine Second Edition by Elsevier Publications
  • Bor, Eriksen and Chaudry (2014) Overcoming Stress by Sheldon Press
  • Bor, Eriksen and Stapelkamp (2010) Coping with the Psychological Effects of Cancer by Sheldon Press
  • Bor, Eriksen and Oakes (2009) Overcoming Fear of Flying by Sheldon Press
  • Eriksen, Bor , Chaudry and Corrie (In Press) Supervision for Clinical Psychologists: Enhancing Practice in a Complex Health Care Climate in Lane, Watt and Corrie (Eds) Psychological Supervision by The Open University Press
  • Eriksen, Bor and Oakes (2015) Professional Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy in Palmer (Ed) The Beginners Guide to Counselling and Psychotherapy by Sage Publications
  • Eriksen, Bor and Oakes (2012) The Panic Workbook by Sheldon Press
  • Eriksen (2009) Managing Work and Relationships at 35.000 feet: A practical guide for Making Personal Life Fit Aircrew Shift Work, Jetlag and Absences From Home by Karnac Books
  • Eriksen (2006) How Aircrew Cope with Work Stress in Bor and Hubbard (Eds) Aviation Mental Health: Psychological Implications for Air Transportation by Ashgate Publications
  • Oakes, Eriksen and Bor (2012) Coping successfully with Shyness and Social Anxiety by Sheldon Press
  • Smith, Eriksen and Bor (2015) Coping with the Psychological effects of illness: Strategies to manage anxiety and depression by Sheldon Press